We are a Top 100, Midlands-based PR consultancy that is famed for getting clients talked about by the people who matter most.  It is thanks to the conversations we create – and the ways that we influence buyer behaviour – that we are now one of the most recommended and award winning PR agencies in the UK.

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WPR is one of the country’s leading social media agencies. We establish a client’s online footprint and then devise strategies to improve it. Ultimately, we create compelling reasons for people to engage with brands online – and we make brands easier for potential customers to find.

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We help brands to tell their story in the best way possible.  Whatever a business wants to say, we help them to say it – through effective, creative strategies that are perfectly packaged.

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Location, location, location

There’s sometimes a mentality in our culture that there is a) London and b) everywhere else. We’ve all heard it, “anything above Watford Gap is basically the North” and other such sweeping statements about an assumed caveman-style existence outside of the M25. I’ve seen this attitude creeping into search campaigns, as well as overall business.  [...]


Another nail in the coffin for Google+?

Google finally appears to be acknowledging that its users don’t want to be force fed Google +. It started a few months back when the search engine announced that users would no longer require a Google + account in order to use its other products, including YouTube. Now they have taken things a step further [...]


Four great books for B2B marketers that aren’t about business

Business people can often learn more from books that aren’t actually about business, taking lessons in management, negotiation and strategy from the world of politics, sport and even war. Here are four books from outside the business world with lessons for B2B marketers. Moneyball – Michael Lewis An instant classic when it was first published. [...]

What they don't teach you at Harvard Business School

Four great business books for B2B marketers

Amazon is chock full of business books which claim to be the ‘seminal texts’ on sales strategy, marketing, PR, digital and everything in between. But which ones will really help B2B marketers? Our Head of B2B, Tom Leatherbarrow, picks four key business books which are actually readable. Strategic Selling – Miller Heiman How often have [...]