We are a Top 100, Midlands-based PR consultancy that is famed for getting clients talked about by the people who matter most.  It is thanks to the conversations we create – and the ways that we influence buyer behaviour – that we are now one of the most recommended and award winning PR agencies in the UK.

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WPR is one of the country’s leading social media companies. We establish a client’s online footprint and then devise strategies to improve it. Ultimately, we create compelling reasons for people to engage with brands online – and we make brands easier for potential customers to find.

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We help brands to tell their story in the best way possible.  Whatever a business wants to say, we help them to say it – through effective, creative strategies that are perfectly packaged.

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Latest Posts

Green Deal

A bit more (not less) PR might yet save the Green Deal!

I’m not sure whether it comes as a result of the infamous Malcolm Tucker, the concept of ‘spin’, or Siobhan, the desperately embarrassing PR girl from the BBC satire W1A, but all too often the public relations industry seems to be falsely cast as the villain of the piece. One of the more recent cases [...]

New Troubleshooter

New Troubleshooter is a welcome antidote to The Apprentice

At last a watchable programme about business. Last night’s New Troubleshooter with Lord Digby Jones shooting from the hip was the best bit of business TV since … umm … well the last Troubleshooter series in the mid-1980s probably! Now admittedly the standard isn’t high. Leader of the pack in recent years has been The [...]

Farage v Clegg - The Guardian

He Won the Battle but…

Last night was Farage v Clegg round two and the general consensus is that Farage took Clegg to the cleaners.  He amassed three times as many new followers as Clegg so must have won.  Twitter has spoken. In the main, I agree with the Twittersphere.  The problem for Clegg is that he sounded like a [...]


April Fools Day Round Up

The PR professional’s favourite day of the year has come and gone, and a whole host of April Fools stunts large and small were shared across the country. Here are our favourites: Domino’s Edibox A delicious world-first from Domino’s: the Edibox, which is apparently the first ever 100% edible pizza box. Like the pizza chain [...]