We are a Top 100, Midlands-based PR consultancy that is famed for getting clients talked about by the people who matter most.  It is thanks to the conversations we create – and the ways that we influence buyer behaviour – that we are now one of the most recommended and award winning PR agencies in the UK.

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WPR is one of the country’s leading social media companies. We establish a client’s online footprint and then devise strategies to improve it. Ultimately, we create compelling reasons for people to engage with brands online – and we make brands easier for potential customers to find.

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We help brands to tell their story in the best way possible.  Whatever a business wants to say, we help them to say it – through effective, creative strategies that are perfectly packaged.

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Latest Posts

Weekends - Reality

Why we’re all guilty of ‘weekendvy.’

‘Weekendvy’ is a latest term to be coined by Travelodge following the revelation that one in three of us is likely to embellish the truth about our weekend antics to impress friends and colleagues. The most popular lie is that we went out and painted the town red on Saturday night, rather than what we [...]

Instagram launches sponsored posts

Instagram moves to the dark side of advertising

  It’s been speculated for months, but it’s now official, Instagram has launched brand advertising in the UK. A sponsored post from Instagram itself appeared in UK user’s newsfeeds earlier this week launching the platform’s advertising offering. Sponsored posts will now start appearing from Instagram favourites such as Cadbury, Starbucks, Waitrose and Rimmel London. Users [...]

Ice Bucket Challenge

Why the Ice Bucket Challenge leaves me cold

The other day I found myself shaking my head in despair after reading a rather sad statistic: over half of Brits polled said they did not donate to an ALS charity after taking part in an ice bucket challenge. This solitary fact is possibly the most damning statement I’ve come across in highlighting the increasing [...]

Twitter bird announce

Does Twitter need to sell itself a little more?

So, last month Twitter announced £86m losses up to Q2 of 2014 – triple their losses for the same period last year, but supposedly there is no cause for panic. CEO Dick Costolo, claimed: “strong financial and operating results for the second quarter show the continued momentum of our business”. It would appear the old [...]