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Consumer PR. Creating Compelling Reasons for Buyers to Engage With Brands.

WPR is one of the most awarded – and most recommended – consumer PR agencies in the UK right now.  We deliver integrated online and offline campaigns that capture the imagination, that create buzz and that spark consumer curiosity.

To us, consumer PR isn’t about delivering column inches; it’s about delivering change.  It’s about determining who you want to influence, what you want them to do and establishing why they aren’t doing it already.

It’s about seeing the world through the eyes of our target audience and understanding how to affect their purchasing decisions.

Most importantly, it’s about delivering a tangible and transparent return on investment.

Consumer PR: The Process

The starting point of any of our consumer PR campaigns is establishing what a client really wants us to achieve.  Usually it can be summed up in one word: more.  More enquiries, more visitors, more traffic, more sales, more listings or more customers.  And more money, naturally.

Always, we go out to the market and look at why these brands are not already getting more.  We speak to existing customers, lapsed customers, potential customers and “I’d never” customers. We speak to staff, suppliers, the consumer media and the web.  We look at the brands that are getting more – and ask ourselves, why?

This way, we can establish the people we’re trying to influence – and who or what influences them.  We ask ourselves: what media do they absorb, what conversations draw them in, where can they be found, what do they like to do and how can we harness this?

By knowing their touch points and times, we can sketch out a brand engagement strategy, campaign themes and effective PR stories.

Then, we agree, we execute, we evaluate, we report and we refine.

This way, we build long term relationships between brands and their buyers; and brands build long term relationships with us.

Consumer PR Examples

Our consumer PR clients include Millie’s Cookies, Regis Salons, Upper Crust, Supercuts, Pyrex, Castle Galleries, Sharps Bedrooms, Wacky Warehouse, Toby Carvery, Chef and Brewer, Crown CarveriesLeekes, Flaming Grill, Triton Showers, Homes by Skanska, Snowdon Mountain Railway, Worcester, Bosch Group, YourVets, London Midland, Fayre and Square and Zip.

Over the past few years, we have won international acclaim for consumer PR campaigns that have seen us remove Shakespeare from British culture for a day, sell a Castle on Ebay, create the first official Royal forktrait, invent the phrase cookie-likie, appoint the world’s first Dragonologist, find the formula for the perfect pint and launch cookie-couture.

We’ve unveiled an art collection for Ronnie Wood, created “the most talked about hat at Royal Ascot”, secured three client tweets and a blog from Kelly Rowland, launched Billy Connolly’s first ever collection of fine art, got a pub chain mentioned in the same breath as the Olympics – on national TV, and had our Regis Salons campaign with Caroline Flack compared to Rihanna’s for Armani, Bieber’s for Adidas and Katy Perry’s for GHD.

We’ve got several brands on the Daybreak sofa, the Sky News settee and the BBC Breakfast couch.  We’ve delivered coverage in the Vatican News, on CNN and CBBC.  We’ve been on ITN, every daily newspaper in the UK in one day, as well as the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

We love consumer PR, and we think it shows.  We’d love to show you what we could do for you too – so if you like what you see, please drop us a line or give us a call.  You’ll make our day.