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Stories That Sell: Worcester Bosch Group’s Installer’s Choice

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Published six times a year and distributed to over 40,000 heating engineers around the UK, The Installer’s Choice is Worcester, Bosch Group’s 28-page magazine.

Despite the publication having an ever-increasing circulation and an esteemed reputation, 2015/16 would see WPR focus the magazine’s content on engagement; delivering useful editorial which would ultimately drive readers to visit the brand’s website, register for a training course, or buy a Worcester product.

With such a high proportion (85%+) of the target readership familiar with reading trade magazines, a printed publication (also available to download online) would be used as a vehicle to communicate with an audience generally known for using traditional media to access vocation-specific information. This firmly in mind, we would need to create content which appeals to very experienced sole traders – professionals who need to be kept abreast of industry developments, but who would need information pitched to them at the right level.

While a magazine published by a manufacturer could have easily led to content being heavily dominated by lists of product features, the aim was for Installer’s Choice to better engage its readership.

In summary, we wanted to make sure Installer’s Choice would:

  • Educate installers with technical hints, tips and advice on how to install, maintain, and service the nation’s heating systems.
  • Inform them of developments taking place within the industry that may affect their daily duties.
  • Empower them to make a real difference in the service they offer customers.

Given the aim, a major priority was ensuring each piece of editorial – be it a guide to compliance with the ErP Directive or a showcase of Worcester’s latest training course – was embedded with a reason to buy, train, or find out more online. As well as engaging and informative content, a strong call to action would therefore be an essential requirement of every article.

Less than 12 months after the implementation of this strategy, a sample of just over 650 readers let us know how reading an issue of The Installer’s Choice had influenced their actions, and their responses certainly provided fuel for thought.

  • 44% purchased a product featured in the magazine
  • 68% visited the Worcester website
  • 54% recommended Worcester to someone else
  • 61% used tips or advice given in the magazine at work
  • 44% attended a Worcester training course

Not only that, but an overwhelming 79% of the respondents read every issue, and 75% stated their belief that it contains invaluable information that helps with their day-to-day job.

Winner of ‘Best Publication’ at this year’s CIPR Midlands PRide Awards, Installer’s Choice is exactly that.