About Us

Corporate Social Responsibility

We Value Our Clients

We are open and honest about our services, and are clear with our clients regarding pricing.

We always respond to clients quickly, and make sure they are kept up to date with our activities.

We assign each of our clients a director of the company, who takes full and ultimate responsibility for ensuring work is delivered on time, on budget and in accordance with SMART objectives. The director will attend all strategy-setting and review meetings, and be available 24/7 in the event of a crisis.

We seek regular and meaningful feedback from clients so that we can continuously improve our service and working relationships.

We Value Our Team

We believe our employees are key to the high-quality service we provide to our clients.

We are committed to fairness, equality of opportunity and diversity in all our employment practices, policies and procedures.

We nurture ambition and ensure that all employees are able to develop relevant skills and knowledge to enrich their contribution and carve their own career path.

We invest in the training and development of our employees, including external training courses and our ‘learning lunch’ sessions.

We also pledge to:

  • Actively help everyone achieve and maintain a positive work-life balance
  • Provide financial support, so that no one need lie awake at night, worrying about money
  • Look after everyone’s health and wellbeing, leading the way on mental health and helping end the nocuous stigma that surrounds the subject
  • Bring our team members together, celebrating successes, sharing common interests, and making new friends

We Value Our Planet

We are committed to ensuring we reduce our environmental impact and continue to improve our environmental performance. This is an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.

We try to embody the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ philosophy in our daily lives.

We recycle paper, tin, card and some plastics, and we have installed low energy lighting; we car share to client meetings and we use local suppliers – but our aims are much bigger. We want to eliminate all ‘single use’ plastic and all waste to landfill, with the aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2025.

We Value Our Suppliers

We aim to develop relationships with suppliers who share our values and avoid business practices which harm the environment or people and their communities. It is also our belief that we should treat suppliers as we would like to be treated ourselves.

We therefore follow the guidance under the ‘Prompt Payment Code’, ensuring we:

  • Pay suppliers on time, as agreed at the outset of the contract, which is usually no longer than 30 days from the invoice date
  • Never change the payment terms retrospectively
  • Ensure there is a system for dealing with complaints and disputes from our suppliers

We are committed to ensuring modern slavery or human trafficking is not present in our supply chain.

We raise awareness within the company about the principles set out in the Modern Slavery Act to ensure full awareness when making procurement decisions.

We Value Our Communities

We are building mutually supportive relationships with the local community in which we reside.

We try to ensure that, where possible, our suppliers are based in the local area.

We believe that paying our fair share of taxes is vital for the community. We do not employ any procedures that would transfer the profits offshore or artificially decrease them for tax purposes. In addition, we do not employ tactics whereby employees are classified as self-employed.

We are actively involved in supporting great local causes and encourage our staff to help in our charity committee. In recent years, we have been raising funds for, and giving time to, The Ladywood Project. Just a few miles from our Edgbaston HQ, over 45% of children in the Ladywood ward live in poverty – 24% higher than the rest of the country.