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WPR is one of the UK’s leading B2B PR agencies with a reputation for delivering B2B PR and online marketing campaigns that raise awareness, change buyer behaviour and generate sales leads.


We generate high quality content, including white papers, industry reports and video, which offer advice and guidance, going beyond mere ‘product pushing’. Crucially, we use digital techniques to target, promote and distribute this content directly to decision-makers, ensuring that it is seen and acted upon.

We are a LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook account-managed agency and, by working closely with our contacts at each platform, we are able to trial new social media functionality ahead of other agencies and inhouse teams. We work jointly on proposals to ensure that campaigns are fully optimised and best placed to meet client objectives and are always alerted to platform updates before they go live.

In short, across paid, earned and owned channels we help clients identify their key audiences and the hot button topics that resonate with them, create content that provokes a reaction and, crucially, generate high quality sales leads.


B2B Clients

Our B2B PR clients include a host of blue-chip international names including Worcester, Bosch Group, Mazak, ERIKS, Legrand, ABB, FANUC, Bosch Rexroth, Electrolux, Ishida Europe, Spirax Sarco, Tarmac, Plumbase and Xylem.

We specialise in highly technical subject areas, ranging from 5-axis machining through to collaborative robotics and Industry 4.0. We’ve given our clients a voice on some of the key issues affecting their industries and society, from climate change and flooding through to industrial automation and the use of clean steam in food processing.

Most importantly we’ve delivered tangible results. We made factory ergonomics in manual production systems a hot topic amongst manufacturing directors and delivered more than 500 sales leads for Bosch Rexroth. We placed the issue of workplace mental health on boardroom agendas and delivered 100 sales leads for BHSF. We highlighted the issue of industrial heat exchanger corrosion to plant managers and ran a targeted LinkedIn Prospecting campaign for Apex Supply Chain Solutions.

We pride ourselves on delivering a return on investment and it is our ability to demonstrate clear quantifiable metrics that has secured our status as one of the most award-winning B2B PR and marketing agencies in the UK.


Our approach to B2B

We take a people-first approach to B2B campaigns. We start by understanding the audience and their behaviours both on and offline, the channels they use and the ‘hot button’ topics and issues that resonate with them.

Only by doing this can we create powerful messages and content that cut-through the chatter and change buyer behaviour.

Insight-led activity is at the heart of what we do – which is why our campaigns go beyond ‘product pushing’ to position our clients as thought-leaders to deliver clear brand awareness and quantifiable sales growth.


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