Our Work

Raising the Profile of Combined Heat & Power

Bosch Commercial & Industrial

The Challenge

To encourage the HVAC industry to adopt better design practices when investing in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology. In short, Bosch had identified a shortfall in awareness of how the technology could reduce emissions, and poor design practice from key stakeholders.

The Idea

We positioned Bosch as the impartial voice of authority on CHP, with a key focus on driving visitors to the website and encouraging consultants, contractors and specifiers to register for a place on its own CIBSE-accredited CPD programme. This meant sacrificing ‘product pushing’ in favour of educational messages on best practice and efficient system design.

The Results

  • We delivered 38 pieces of coverage, each with a focus on encouraging design best practice
  • Coverage meant that the number of monthly visitors to Bosch’s website more than doubled
  • We attracted over 300 contractors and consultants who attended Bosch’s CIBSE-accredited CPD programme
  • All told, we saw a 195% year-on-year increase in CHP system sales.