John Adams Toys: Board Director

The Challenge

To increase awareness of John Adams Toys among families in the all-important run up to Christmas.

Specifically, WPR was tasked with helping the brand stand out in the ultra-competitive toy market, where customers can easily purchase from the likes of Amazon.

The Idea

We needed a hook to gain media interest and customer attention outside of the typical gift guide lists and product placement opportunities.

So, we launched the hunt for one lucky ‘Board Director’ who would get paid to stay at home in their pyjamas and play board games during the festive season.

We played on the nostalgia and family themes of spending time together with favourite boardgames, providing a natural link back to John Adams as experts in children’s toys and stockists of classic games.

The Results

The fun angle generated standout coverage for the brand, quickly securing:

  • 17 pieces of coverage including The Mirror, Tyla, Daily Record
  • 3m reach
  • 45% earned social mentions
  • 90% backlink rate
  • 100% key message inclusion
  • More than 900 ‘job applications’