Our Work

The Poultry Processing Blueprint


The Challenge

To show poultry processors how Ishida’s in-line philosophy can help them to overcome squeezed margins and challenging food safety standards, while helping the brand to capitalise on the vast growth potential of the industry within the EMEA region.

The Idea

We published The Poultry Processing Blueprint – a 12 page downloadable guide – which was placed at the heart of a content marketing campaign. A series of blogs, targeted Google Display ads, and promoted LinkedIn content would grab the attention of poultry processors across EMEA – ultimately showing them how a more efficient use of people, equipment, products, and space, can enable them to boost their profit margins.

The Results

In just 23 days…

  • Campaign assets had been seen a total of 238,122 times
  • 923 unique visitors had gone to the campaign landing page
  • 52 poultry processors had submitted their contact details in exchange for a downloadable copy of the report