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PRCA Dare 2022 B2B Award

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multi award-winning b2b pr agency

WPR is a multi award-winning specialist B2B PR agency. Our work has won national and international acclaim, and we are known for our cutting-edge content creation, delivery of effective lead generation and tangible ROI.

We pride ourselves on identifying the real drivers within a sector, the audience ‘hot buttons’, and the opportunities that can be exploited. From there, we develop winning B2B PR strategies that deliver on client objectives, helping businesses to feed the sales funnel.

That’s why WPR has won close to 150 industry awards.

Our B2B Work

Our expertise as a B2B PR agency lies in getting our client businesses front-of-mind with key decision-makers.

We generate high-quality content including white papers, industry reports, blog posts, press releases, and video, which offer advice and guidance, and go beyond mere ‘product pushing’. Crucially, we use a multitude of B2B communication techniques, from generating media coverage using traditional PR, to video promotion and LinkedIn campaigns.

Our ultimate aim is promoting and distributing content directly to decision-makers, ensuring it is seen and acted on by the audiences that matter.

Scales of Justice

No5 Barristers’ Chambers

Tackling Building Overheating


Global Perceptions of Risk

Lloyd’s Register Foundation

Identifying the Plant Security Blind Spot

Yokogawa Electric

Our specialism is engaging niche B2B audiences, from the C-Suite in the poultry processing sector to the legal sector and data centre operators. We’ve connected on the big issues that are affecting society, from tackling building overheating, through to global perceptions of risk and cyber-security in critical infrastructure

It is an approach which builds trust and has seen us:

In the process we’ve targeted audiences ranging from ‘on-the-go’ professionals such as heating engineers, to boardroom executives in the FTSE 100, barristers and HR professionals. Our effective content marketing and trade PR has reached manufacturing directors, CEOs, building specifiers, and even Michelin star chefs.

Our clients

Over the years, our B2B PR clients include a host of blue-chip international names including Baxi, Mazak, Legrand, No5 Barristers’ Chambers, Electrolux, Alfa Laval, Lloyd’s Register, Aggreko and Office Depot.

We work across a huge range of sectors, from engineering and manufacturing through to HVAC, construction, office supplies and water management.

Our approach to b2b pr

We specialise in technical subject areas, ranging from 5-axis machining through to collaborative robotics and Industry 4.0. We’ve given our B2B clients a voice on some of the big issues affecting their industries and society.

Our USP is in steering B2B communications strategies away from brands talking about themselves and towards addressing the markets they are operating in and the solutions they can provide.

We’ve made factory ergonomics a key HR issue for manufacturers, raised the importance of desktop hygiene for office staff, and made acoustic drainage a talking point in the construction sector.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on delivering a return on investment for the businesses we work with. Our ability to demonstrate clear, quantifiable results has secured our status as one of the most award-winning B2B PR and marketing agencies in the UK.

We exist to connect brands with their communities. Whatever your social media objective, we have one goal: to show the true power of social, done well.

As a B2B PR agency we’ve led the way in using social channels to reach the audiences that matter. Our fully-integrated approach ensures that our B2B PR campaigns use the most appropriate tactics to meet a brand’s objectives, while our in-house PPC and SEO expertise helps B2B brands improve the performance of their websites, drive traffic, and generate revenue. 

Account-managed by LinkedIn, Google, Meta and Twitter, we also hear about – and are able to trial – new social functionality ahead of other B2B digital marketing agencies and in-house teams.

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