About Us

The Agency

WPR started in 1992, in the basement of an art-deco building in Birmingham, just one woman and a phone.  Our founding philosophy was to be people-first: to look after our team as best we can, so they look after our clients as best they can.

A lot has changed since then, but that vision hasn’t.

We are the people who make us – and we recognise that.

People-first means our staff retention rates are 30% higher than the industry average, and this has led to client retention rates that exceed 90%.

By attracting, developing and retaining brilliant talent, we have also won over 100 industry awards in recognition of our work – work that has delivered for clients.

We are now one of the most award-winning agencies in the UK, and one of the most connected too – regularly working collaboratively on projects with the likes of Facebook, Google, Instagram and Twitter.

No longer one woman and a phone, we are now a team of over 50, with a blend of expertise, from PR to social media and search.

Independently owned, and one of the largest PR and social agencies outside London, we have long since outgrown our basement home, but we will never outgrow our principles.

WPR: people-first communications