Our Work

The Poultry Processing Blueprint Phase 2

Ishida Europe

The Challenge

To follow up on the success of the Poultry Processing Blueprint white paper, with a second phase of the campaign, aimed at driving further downloads and sales leads, utilising a number of social media channels and tactics not used during the first phase.

The Idea

In the first phase of the campaign we developed a technical white paper and then used the Google Display Network, along with Ishida’s LinkedIn corporate page, to drive traffic and downloads to a dedicated landing page.

In Phase 2 we decided to use a number of different channels, including Facebook and Twitter, to reach those C-Suite directors using different social media platforms. In addition, a LinkedIn InMail campaign was used to generate sales meetings directly with potential customers.

The Results

From YouTube, Twitter and Facebook we delivered:

  • 440 clicks from YouTube video ads
  • 1,075 clicks from Twitter web traffic ads
  • 79 leads from the Facebook lead generation ad

With LinkedIn InMail we delivered:

  • InMail #1: 74% open rate against a target 40%, generating 153 clicks
  • InMail #2: (65%) open rate against a target of 40%, generating 68 clicks

This resulted in:

  • 378 clicks to white paper landing page against a target of 166
  • Three meetings arranged from InMail activity alone