Our Work

SMS, the Biggest Missed Opportunity


The Challenge

To promote Oxygen8’s Engage product, which delivers automated SMS texts to consumers who have opted-in to receive this type of communication. The product was deemed to be under-performing, thanks to ingrained misconceptions and low awareness of the success rate of this type of marketing initiative.

The Idea

In conjunction with Oxyxen8’s in-house marketing department, we wrote a 2,500-word white paper highlighting the ‘Missed Opportunity’. The report was hosted on the Oxygen8 and Mobile Marketing magazine website, and promoted on Twitter and LinkedIn (using sponsored updates). We also ran a display and PPC campaign.

The Results

  • The campaign delivered 500+ downloads of the white paper (all tracked in Salesforce)
  • This resulted in four ‘hot’ opportunities worth significant revenue
  • Crucially, the campaign successfully targeted C-Suite decision-makers, with job titles including operations specialist, global messaging director, customer engagement director and cross-sell manager