Six Shining Examples of GDPR Brilliance

GDPR, like Brexit, is coming – like it or not.  With the countdown to 25 May well and truly on, here’s our pick of the brands that have already got GDPR covered.  Hats off to them all.


1. Manchester United


Manchester United GDPR


A lot of the GDPR talk is about online usage of data (storage and access to email addresses), prompting most companies to only talk to their customers about GDPR on their digital channels.

Not Man Utd.  This global juggernaut of a brand is cleverly using a physical medium to display the all-important ‘opt-in’ message to a mass audience.

It would appear that marketing, advertising, data and commercial teams have come together to tackle what is an enormous issue for football clubs throughout Europe.

It’s clear that senior management at Man Utd have appreciated the importance of GDPR and are willing to allocate resources that normally bring them commercial revenue for alternative purposes – putting long-term goals and customer relationships over short-term commercial needs.


2. Ametros Group

Ametros Group GDPR

Ametros has provided information with a link to its full policy, with easy-to-understand, succinct language – so you’re in no doubt as to what you’re agreeing to and how your data will be used.

Interestingly, it hasn’t used an opt-in tick box; we hope it won’t be using this information for marketing purposes, other than a call-back.


3. Selfridges


Selfridges GDPR

The people at Selfridges have thought of everything.  They’ve referenced that consent, and the information you provide, could be used for a variety of marketing efforts, including email and online advertising (likely display and social).

They’ve also noted that email content may be tailored to individuals, based on behaviour.

This is simple, but all-encompassing. We like it.


4. Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo GDPR


Jimmy Choo has been very specific here, and it is picked up that tailored/personalised advertising is a key part of GDPR.  It’s to the point, yet thorough too.


5. MyProtein


MyProtein GDPR


We like this ‘one-click unsubscribe’ approach – straight from the email.  No survey to find out why you’ve unsubscribed, or hoops to jump through along the way.  There’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple.


6. Jetsetter

Jetsetter GDPR

We love the way Jetsetter lets you pick how often you hear from the company.  This should reduce unsubscribes and keep customers happy.  Importantly, there’s also an option not to receive any email whatsoever.

Are you GDPR ready?  If you want any help getting your ducks in a row, we’d be more than happy to help.  Drop us a line, or give us a call.