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WPR is an award-winning digital PR agency working with a broad spectrum of national brands on high profile campaigns, designed to enhance their online presence.

Our digital PR clients include Endsleigh, Greene King, Beaverbrooks, Drayton Manor and Oxfam, and our campaigns have seen us launch Game of Thrones spoiler cover, a search for a Pub-licist and trees sprouting money.We’ve identified the UK’s most over active pensioner, the riskiest places to travel, the efforts it takes to create a truly picture-perfect proposal, what adulting really means, and the age you upgrade – all to secure high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites, and to drive brand awareness and sales through online mentions from respected sources.We have a proven track record in link building campaigns, a wealth of experience in influencer marketing and unparalleled credentials in securing social media mentions from some of the biggest names in publishing world-wide.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is a tactic used by thousands of brands to improve their position on search engine results pages (SERPS) and to increase their brand awareness through online mentions. This can be done through online news coverage, influencer marketing campaigns, earned social shares, guest blogging, content marketing and more.

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Why Do Brands Need Digital PR?

Most brands come to us for digital PR because they need to improve their rankings on Google.

They’ve done all they can ‘on-page’ in terms of website structure, content, internal links, title tags and alt tags etc. – but they still appear below their competitors for the keywords and phrases they want to rank for.

This is almost certainly because the competitors’ websites have more sites linking to them, and not just any websites, but those with a high domain authority (DA), of 30 or more. Invariably, this means news sites such as BBC, MailOnline, BuzzFeed, UNILAD and LADbible to name but a few.

Links from such authoritative websites indicate to Google that your website is important, and this matters when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO).

Digital PR isn’t just about backlinks, there are many other benefits to a comprehensive digital marketing strategy including boosting brand awareness, driving more traffic and increasing trust, credibility and conversion.

Take influencer marketing for example, according to the Digital Marketing Institute:

  • 40% of us have purchased something after an influencer recommended it on their social media channels
  • Posts from influencers on social media gain three times as many views, twice as many actions and 12 times as many comments as videos from traditional celebrities
  • Businesses are reporting, on average, a 6.5:1 return on their investment in influencers, sometimes up to 13:1

Little wonder then that 22% of marketers say influencer marketing is the most cost-effective method of obtaining new customers, and 57% of companies now use influencers as part of their marketing mix.

What about Social Shares?

We are big believers in the power of ‘earned social’ here at WPR. Why? Well, according to a report from the Pew Research Centre, 67% of adults now get their news from social media feeds.

A PR agency landing a piece of coverage online and hoping a consumer will stumble across it is no longer enough. Social shares are the best way to extend the reach of your PR content and guarantee high-level visibility, which will also help your SEO.

Showcasing digital PR and SEO in the Midlands

What is a Specialist Digital PR Agency?

A digital PR agency is, most likely, a good, forward-thinking PR agency.

It will have a proven track record in link building, and will be able to tell you what sort of backlink conversion rate you can expect to see on your campaigns.

It will often be a Google Partner and have dedicated account managers at all the major social platforms.


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