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HVAC (heating, plumbing, and ventilation) lies at the heart of WPR’s B2B portfolio. From boilers to CHP systems, air conditioning, and underfloor heating, we’ve sparked conversation about the technologies that keep our buildings comfortable enough to live, work, and play in.

For us, successful HVAC PR and comms requires not only an understanding of heating and cooling, but also the legislation, government policy, and emerging trends that challenge installers, specifiers, and contractors on a daily basis.

Marketing the Length of the HVAC Supply Chain

From boiler manufacturers to plumbing and heating merchants, our HVAC PR experience has seen us work the length of the HVAC supply chain. We’ve engaged with domestic heating installers, local authority specifiers, and M&E consultants, to name a few. We’ve delivered campaigns for major players like Baxi Heating and Plumbase, through to specialist brands such as Hydor.

Along the way, we’ve helped to enhance marketing strategies and devised lead generation ideas. We’ve crafted impactful copy for email marketing campaigns, promoted online review campaigns, and published entire magazines – all with the aim of strengthening a business’s relationship with its customers.

Our engaging content has enabled HVAC companies to attract potential customers, improve their visibility for relevant search results, and enhance their exposure across the industry’s trade media.

Innovative, attention-grabbing HVAC industry PR

Ultimately, our goal is to use content marketing techniques in order to reach your HVAC brand’s target audience. That means tapping into our knowledge of the channels the industry’s professionals engage with most, and how to drive action – from clicking through to a product landing page, to watching a video, or even signing up for a training course.  In today’s world of HVAC PR that could involve using Facebook to promote a new boiler to heating engineers, or LinkedIn to educate local authority specifiers on ventilation standards. It could even mean using YouTube to tell dairy farmers about an innovative new ventilation system.

Promoting sustainable HVAC practices through award-winning PR campaigns

Campaigning for Change

While some businesses want to generate interest in their new product, or make it easier for installers to buy plumbing products online, others want to instigate change. We have a proven track record of doing just that by aligning brands with some of the socio-economic factors affecting their industry.

We’ve placed our clients at the heart of the debate around how we heat our homes and commercial buildings. We’ve given clients a voice on hot button issues including the Green Deal, RHI and the decarbonisation of heat. Better still, our HVAC marketing work has helped to get circulator pumps included in the Green Deal, and put a stop to bovine pneumonia.

How can we help your HVAC business?

Whether you need to generate sales leads, raise brand awareness, or engage with customers on social media, WPR knows how to speak to the key decision-makers for your HVAC business.

Get in touch by emailing us at or give us a call on 0121 456 3004.  We’d love to hear from you.

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