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Five Reasons We’re Loving Threads

Meta’s challenger to Twitter finally launched today, and with 10 million users logging on within the first few hours, you’re likely left wondering what this new app is all about, and what opportunities it offers to brands.

While the plan is to first establish Threads and its audience before monetising the platform, we’ll no doubt be see the introduction of ads in the not-too-distant future.

While we watch and wait to see how the platform unfolds, our first impression is a good one. Here are five reasons we’re fans of the new channel.

1. A smooth transition

It takes all of 60 seconds to transfer existing Instagram account details over to Threads, with username, bio and followed accounts all transferrable. Seconds later users are viewing content from those Instagram profiles that have also made the transition.

Offering an immediate community and enabling users to feel instantly at home on the app is a smart move from Meta. Starting from scratch on a new platform is enough to put anyone off, so this decision will no doubt draw in bigger numbers.

For brands, this means a low-hassle, low-risk starting point.

2. a familiar environment

While social platforms are known to “borrow” features and formats, Meta have made no apologies for almost directly copying Twitter’s blueprint. Knowing the ailing platform is out of favour, they’ve chosen the perfect time to swoop in and provide an alternative arena.

And with social platforms designed to be social, a conversation-based space with a focus on talking with – rather than at – people, offers businesses the opportunity to build personality and trust, and of course support a more humanised customer service channel.

3. Text-only posting

While the character limit of 500 isn’t quite as snappy as Twitter’s 280, the simple text-only format of Threads opens opportunities for quick-fire reactives and ongoing commentary.

There isn’t pressure to find the perfect accompanying image or video (though the platform does enable this), and instead the focus can be on speedy comms, sentiment and tone of voice.

4. low competition = high reach opportunities

Any new platform will see early adopters benefit just from being part of it all. Threads will be no different, offering high reach and engagement from the outset to encourage community growth, and rewarding those present in its nascent phase.

Brands then can enjoy a period of higher message penetration and awareness in these early months. And hopefully by the time the organic reach drops, ads will be introduced as a new means of maintaining this momentum.

5. A focus on positivity

While Twitter is known for being far from friendly, it’s clear from Mark Zuckerberg’s early comments that Threads will be positioned as a place of positivity.

Whether this will truly come to pass remains to be seen, but an algorithm supporting genuine and optimistic conversations may be just the antidote to scoop up disgruntled Twitter users.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Meta have paired this new app with Instagram rather than with Facebook, with the latter’s reputation less than pristine – a clever decision in terms of brand positioning.

If you’d like to learn more about Threads or any other social media channels, feel free to reach out to Alex Dixon, our senior social media strategy director.

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