In 2022, WPR celebrates turning 30. We have thousands of happy memories from the past three decades, are proud of what we’ve accomplished and are grateful to everyone, from colleagues to clients, who has played a part in making WPR the agency it is today.

But our 30th year is a time to look forward and to ask ourselves: what could we do more of, what should we do less of, and how can we make more of a difference?

At a time when there are so many issues facing our planet and our society, we know that, as an organisation, we need to do more to reduce our impact on the planet and increase our impact on society.

So, collectively, in 2022 we are pledging to make 30 positive impacts at 30. Will it save the world? No. Will it make a small difference? Yes, we hope so. We aren’t perfect – we don’t pretend to be – and even with these 30 changes, we will still have a long way to go. But we hope it will put us on the right road as we look to the next 30 years of WPR.

Our 30 positive impacts will cover five core themes:

  • Our planet
  • Our people
  • Our community
  • Our society
  • Our future

Ultimately, our dream is to become a certified B Corporation. Our goal is to apply for this accreditation by the end of our 30th year and to have made enough big changes as an organisation to be considered, despite our small size, a leader in the global movement for inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy. We have a long way to go but a lot of determination to get there.

We’ll keep you posted…