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Helping Families Get Back to School

WPR’s partnership with charity the Ladywood Community Project is helping local families prepare for the start of the new school year in September by providing funding for essential school uniforms.

The charity established the uniform fund many years ago, having recognised that buying school uniform in the summer – particularly on top of the extra food and fuel costs associated with the long school holiday – is a difficult and stressful time for many parents.

Geraldine Giblin, coordinator at the Ladywood Community Project, said: “Parents are referred to us by schools, children’s trust workers and debt and money advice professionals, and we provide a bespoke service by purchasing the items the children need. Often, these are families who need extra help because they have no savings, are in debt or their children have had to move schools due to homelessness or other problems. It’s really important that these children have the correct kit so that they can feel confident, especially when they’re starting a new school.

“We’re still in the process of giving out uniform this year, but last year we helped 34 families – and their 82 children – with WPR’s support.”

WPR managing director Jane Ainsworth said: “The team at the Ladywood Project do an incredible job of improving the lives of families in poverty or financial hardship. We are really pleased to support their efforts both through funding schemes, such as the provision of school uniform, and by offering pro bono professional services.”

Located just a mile from WPR’s office, the Ladywood Project is based in an area of high unemployment and child poverty and the services it offers are guided by the local community. As well as providing practical assistance to those in crisis, it offers ongoing advice and encouragement to ensure people feel less isolated and more connected to the wider community.

For further information or to support the charity, please visit The Ladywood Community Project.