Canal Clean Up

Volunteers from WPR have been busy cleaning up a stretch of Birmingham canal, beginning what will be an ongoing project with the Canal & River Trust to help nature flourish in one of the most deprived areas of the city.

On a (very!) hot and sunny day in June, the first group of volunteers used their paid impact days to make an incredible difference to 1km of the Soho Loop, a section of the old Birmingham main line canal just outside the city centre that the agency has now adopted.

Kitted out with hi-vis jackets, and under the guidance of Alex Deeley from the Canal & River Trust, tasks included litter picking and cutting back vegetation to clear the tow paths.

Jane Ainsworth, managing director, said: “People who don’t know Birmingham well might not realise what a green city it is, but we’re incredibly fortunate to have so much nature within this urban space and the canals are an important part of that. When we talked to the Canal & River Trust about how we could help, we were immediately excited about adopting a stretch of canal.

“It is wonderful to know that, by devoting a bit of time and effort, we can play our part in making one little corner of our community a happier and healthier place for wildlife and people to enjoy.”

Next month, another group of WPR volunteers will continue the work, taking to the water by canoe or barge to remove rubbish directly from the canal and to access other areas requiring trimming back and pruning.

Supporting the Canal & River Trust is part of WPR’s People Purpose Planet commitment, which encompasses the Birmingham PR agency’s mission to make good things happen for everyone in its world.