WPR Honours Cherished Colleague With New ‘Live Free Fund’

WPR has launched the ‘Live Free Fund’, a programme to provide funding for team members looking to undertake life-enriching experiences in memory of cherished former colleague Zara Free.

Developed in honour of Zara’s legacy and to celebrate her dedication to living life to the full, the scheme aims to give team members the means to undertake new activities or experiences that will broaden their horizons and help them grow as individuals.

Whether gaining a new skill or qualification, or making a once-in-a-lifetime trip across the world (when permitted), the Live Free Fund will also ensure the spirit of curiosity continues to be integral to WPR.

Jane Ainsworth, managing director, said: “Zara left an indelible footprint on WPR with her talent, zest for life, creativity, humour and spirit. Intelligent, hardworking, devoted to the agency and her clients, she was a superstar on our team and flew through the ranks as a result.

“We have long wanted to do something in Zara’s memory but also wanted to take the time to find something we knew would get her seal of approval. In the end, the answer was easy. If there was one thing Zara loved it was the opportunities life presented. Not once did she turn down the chance to try something new, to explore somewhere different, to push herself out of her comfort zone, to grow as a person.

“So, for the coming years, anyone on our team who wants to undertake a life-enriching experience in memory of the fantastic Miss Free is encouraged to apply to the Live Free Fund for the chance to make their dream happen.

“From visiting the Serengeti to learning to scuba dive, taking a cookery course to attending Comic Con, it is our hope that we can help people broaden their life experiences in memory of someone who never stopped wanting to broaden theirs.”