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Bedtime Stories

Care UK

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The Challenge

To raise awareness of the Care UK brand with its target audience, typically women in their 40s and 50s, who are often the key decision makers when choosing a care home.

The Idea

We knew that the themes of intergenerational relationships, reading and storytelling, would resonate with our target audience.

So, to coincide with National Storytelling Week, Bedtime Stories was devised to celebrate the joy of reading and being read to. The campaign would emphasise how younger and older people alike benefit from interaction across generations, a theme that forms a key pillar of Care UK’s fulfilling lives ethos.

At the heart of the campaign was a film of residents reading much-loved classic stories for youngsters, making bedtime stories available to everyone. The initiative was then rolled out across the UK, with local homes hosting storytelling activities and welcoming in school children, grandchildren and children’s groups.

The Results

The heart-warming story proved popular, delivering:

Despite being a brand awareness campaign, it also achieved:

  • 492 campaign page views
  • High engagement rates by video views – 22.6% on Facebook, 30% on Twitter, and 5.5% on LinkedIn

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