Our Work

'Idea Builder' by Dremel


The Challenge

To create buzz around a 3D printer, when it was far from the first to come to market.

The Idea

Idea Builder might not have been the first 3D printer to go on sale in the UK, but it was one of the easiest to use and the most affordable too. We needed to show the incredible detail that the printer was capable of replicating, for its relatively small price tag. In short, small had to sit at the heart of the campaign.

With this in mind, we appointed respected 3D designer Jon Tuttle to recreate some of London’s most iconic landmarks in miniature, 3D printed form. These were painted by modeller Lloyd Davis and photographed by Sam Stephenson in a series of images designed to trick the eye.

The Results

  • On the day they were released, the Mirror ran a piece on our mini models on its homepage, with the article quickly amassing nearly 400 social shares
  • Coverage was further achieved on The Telegraph, Creative Bloq and Every Day Practical Electronics
  • The printer also made it onto the Metro’s ‘Hot List’ and then onto The Gadget Show