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Vegan Nugget Bouquet

The Fry Family Foods


To deliver a low-cost, high-reach consumer PR campaign, which would raise awareness of The Fry Family Food Co’s range of high-protein, plant-based products amongst a core millennial audience.

To ensure the messages reached the right consumer group, the coverage would ideally be social-first, generating Facebook shares from some of the country’s top viral-sharing sites.


We wanted to capitalise on increased consideration of a meat-free lifestyle after Veganuary, ensuring Fry’s retained a high share of voice in the weeks that followed. Valentine’s Day seemed an obvious date for us to target with a cost-effective PR stunt aimed at mainstream consumer media.

And so, we created the UK’s first vegan chicken-style nugget bouquet – the perfect gift for that special vegan in your life.

To deliver the all-important social coverage, we created video assets shot with our top tier media front of mind.


  • For a budget of just a few hundred pounds, we delivered three national news hits, complete with three crucial social shares
  • This included the social media juggernaut, Tyla, which has close to 7.5million followers
  • On Tyla alone, we secured more than 11,000 organic video views, generating 500 likes and more than 2,000 hugely-positive comments
  • The total campaign reach exceeded 7million

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