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No5 Barristers’ Chambers


To position No5 Barristers as a national chambers, located outside of London and capable of providing expert legal commentary and insight.

Specifically, WPR was tasked with moving No5 away from its formerly regional focus, while also highlighting the Chambers’ D&I credentials. 


Our approach focused on building the profiles of key barristers as the go-to experts in their respective fields.

By staying ahead of the breaking news agenda, we ensured that No5 barristers would become a trusted first point of call for legal expertise and commentary.

Anticipating the stories that would capture interest, we identified forthcoming changes in the law that would have an impact on the public. From employment law and access to justice, to refugees and family law, we proactively approached journalists with relevant, timely insights.

Putting No5 firmly on the map with a national-first strategy, we placed the emphasis on national issues and national media outlets; extending our reach by following up national activity with relevant, wider analysis for regional and legal media.


In less than a year, WPR’s secured:

Our proactive approach to the issues of the day saw No5 providing insight on topical events including:

25 piecesof national coverage