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Ventilation That Packs a Punch

Soler & Palau


To generate high quality sales leads from the hospitality industry for Soler & Palau’s low noise in-line duct fans.


To use Soler & Palau’s latest in-line installation at Punch Tavern’s new training academy in Derby, to produce a short case study highlighting the benefits of in-line duct technology. Specifically its ability to create a more comfortable working environment that aids communication in commercial kitchens and improves the quality of service.

We storyboarded and directed a short 90-second case study that highlighted all the benefits of the Soler & Palau technology. We then distributed the video across both Facebook and LinkedIn, targeting decision-makers and chefs involved in commercial catering. The video was optimised for both views and lead generation across both platforms.


  • We delivered nearly 13,000 video views in four weeks
  • That generated 199 link clicks across both platforms
  • With 114 engagements
  • Generating five strong sales leads including a budget hotel group, a racecourse, a private school and a global airport catering company

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