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The Fry Family Foods

68 pieces of coverage

3.5M Reach


To position Fry’s as the go-to for plant-based summer-eating dishes.

The campaign needed to generate both niche coverage in vegan titles and widespread coverage in mainstream media. It also had to resonate with influencers and deliver backlinks to the Fry’s website, which was in its relative infancy in the UK at the time.


We wanted to break free from any preconceptions of vegan food by showing it in environments traditionally associated with meat eating. Given the season, and Fry’s South African heritage, the BBQ seemed the perfect answer.

The subsequent campaign saw us attempt to set the world record for the largest ever vegan “BVQ”. Hosted in Birmingham, the youngest city in Europe, hundreds joined us for a summer celebration of all things plant-based.


  • The BVQ generated 68 pieces of coverage (including influencer activity) from a wide spread of national, regional and plant-based titles, reaching 3.5million people
  • Crucially, 52 high-profile media titles and vegan influencers shared stories of the event on their social channels
  • Most important of all, the activity generated 38 high-profile backlinks to the Fry’s website, boosting both web traffic and domain authority