Our Work

The Seaweed Revolution

Lloyd’s Register Foundation

7 Broadcast Interviews

3 full-length features

The Challenge

To support the book launch of The Seaweed Revolution by Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s food programme director, Vincent Doumeizel.

Specifically, we were tasked with raising interest in and awareness of the potential seaweed has for solving many of the world’s environmental challenges.

The Idea

With the book already published in France and its publisher managing book reviews, we would focus on generating UK and global media interest in the important issues surrounding seaweed.  

Firstly, we interviewed Vincent and created a series of interview angles which we then sold into broadcast media.

Then, to engage key national and trade media, we drafted long-form synopses, reinforcing inclusion of the foundation’s key messages about the need for a safe, sustainable industry as seaweed production increases.

The Results

In total, we delivered 16 pieces of coverage, including:

  • Seven broadcast interviews, including with LBC News and BBC Radio Five Live
  • Full-length features in Forbes, the i (print and online) and The Economist Impact
  • Four pieces of trade coverage in target titles such as The Fish Site

16pieces of coverage