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Chief Adventure Officer

16-25 Railcard

3 Awards

The Challenge

To increase sales of the 16-25 Railcard during its peak selling period of September and October through a targeted consumer campaign.

The Idea

We needed to package ‘travel by railcard’ in a way that would appeal to viral sharing sites – our millennial bullseye media. And so, the search for the UK’s first-ever Chief Adventure Officer (CAO) was born.

The ultimate part-time job, the 16-25 Railcard CAO received a £10,000 salary to travel the UK for a year vlogging about their experiences. CAO hopefuls had to submit video entries via social media in order to apply, with social media users voting for the winner.

The Results

  • Targeted to deliver at least one piece of coverage on a top-tier viral sharing site, we hit gold with coverage on both LADbible and UNILAD (the UNILAD coverage alone was shared 1,100 times across social)
  • Challenged to deliver three articles in wider media, we delivered 10 times that, with hits across the Huffington Post, MailOnline, The Guardian, The Sun, The Mirror, AOL, MSN, Metro, Cosmo, Lonely Planet, Look, STYLE etc, and thenationalstudent.co.uk
  • Thanks to the campaign, unique web visitors increased by 21% and sessions increased by 18.62%
  • 78% of online coverage included a backlink from a high domain authority site
  • Crucially, the campaign was also responsible for the sale of at least 3,500 cards at £30, meaning for every £1 spent on PR, we delivered £3.60 in sales


PRCA Dare Consumer Relations Award

CIPR PRIDE Best Use of Media Relations (gold)

CIPR PRIDE Best Consumer Relations Campaign (silver)