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Mission Critical


156 pieces of media coverage

2 Awards


To increase awareness of Aggreko’s products and services in the global data centre general construction market, a sector forecast to reach £10.75 billion by 2023.

Specifically, WPR was tasked with demonstrating Aggreko’s full proposition through the data centre life cycle, positioning its experts as thought leaders, increasing global web enquiries, generating sales leads and delivering positive ROI.


We used research to identify the audience with the greatest potential for return – consultancies and contractors – and the issues they were grappling with: decarbonisation, technological innovation and standardisation.

Our plan was to become the mouthpiece for data centre consultancies and contractors over these concerns and place Aggreko’s solutions at the heart of these challenges.

We surveyed 700 data centre consultants to create a thought-provoking report, brought to life by futuristic graphics and adapted for local markets. By investing in deep insights, we demonstrated how Aggreko’s team could help problem-solve, moving them beyond the transactional end of the market.

The industry-first content-marketing approach saw an integrated multi-channel PR and social rollout across owned and earned channels.


Results surpassed even the most optimistic of projections. The campaign repositioned Aggreko in the minds of the target audience and paid for itself a hundred times over:

  • Content seen at least 11.5 million times through social and PR (+1,542% on KPI)
  • 156 pieces of media coverage (+56% on KPI)
  • 145 high-quality downloads providing sales leads
  • 37% increase in global web enquiries (+85% on KPI) – data centre-related visitors increased in every country featuring new pages



PRCA Dare B2B Award

CIPR Midlands PRide Corporate and Business Communications Campaign