Our Work

Royal-er Coaster

Drayton Manor


To raise awareness of Drayton Manor Park’s family-friendly rides and attractions.

As part of this, the client asked us to devise a consumer campaign that would promote the park’s ‘Adult and Toddler’ ticket, which allows an adult and child aged four and under to visit on a weekday for just £24.


We needed a news hook, and the Queen’s 93rd birthday presented the perfect opportunity. So, brief in mind, we proposed that a lookalike ‘Queen’ visit the park, with great-grandchildren, Charlotte and Louis, in tow.

Fun, shareable video footage of the royal doppelgangers enjoying their day out in the theme park – with the Queen experiencing an exhilarating ‘royal-er coaster’ ride on the Troublesome Trucks – would provide us with irresistible content for national media, as well as ensuring we could convey the all-important adult and toddler messaging.


  • The stunt quickly generated eight national articles including the Daily Mirror, The Independent, The Sun, Daily Express, MSN and Smooth Radio
  • Within hours, the “Royal-er Coaster” had ‘gone global’, with six international news articles from titles including the NY Post and MSN Thailand
  • Crucially, 58% of articles included the ‘adult and toddler’ messaging