Our Work

Launching a New Line for Laundry

Electrolux Professional

The Challenge

To create awareness of Electrolux Professional’s new Line 6000 range of commercial tumble dryers among laundry operators across the UK.

The Idea

Our plan was to demonstrate how like-minded laundry operators could benefit from Electrolux Professional’s latest commercial tumble dryer by using a video testimonial on social media.

We filmed a case study fronted by the team at Sandford Station Retirement Village, which sat at the heart of the campaign alongside branded lifestyle assets. These were promoted on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn via a series of video and traffic driving ads, targeted at those working in a laundry role within the hospitality, food, healthcare and dry-cleaning sectors.

These were then followed by Facebook and LinkedIn lead generation adverts, utilising a shorter cut of the case study designed to convert prospects into leads.

The Results

We delivered:

  • 20,560 video views (against a target of 6,000)
  • 530 visits to the Line 6000 webpage (against a target of 372)
  • 22 sales leads, including a major healthcare provider and a large food manufacturer

20,560Video views