Our Work

Launching RE.GUARD


70k Video Views

13 pieces of trade coverage

The Challenge

To make a splash around the launch of REHAU’s pioneering smart leak detector, the RE.GUARD.

WPR was tasked with identifying the right audience for this new product to the UK market, as well as driving awareness of the product as far and wide as possible.

The Idea

Firstly, we got to the heart of the issue the product solves: the financial cost of residential water damage. We knew audiences such as homeowners, holiday letting companies and insurers would care about this. But, given the product’s infancy, gaining traction with those audiences could be expensive.

So, we focused our strategy on initially building advocacy with trusted tradespeople – essentially, the people who would be installing the product.

We partnered with the original plumbing influencer, PlumberParts. With more than 240k YouTube subscribers, 55 million views and 70k+ followers, we knew he was the man for the job.

Tactics included rolling out a 30-minute installation video, social snippets, a YouTube Live giveaway, a competition, trade PR, social amplification on REHAU’s own feeds and a sequential YouTube seeding campaign.

The Results

The videos swiftly secured traction, with:

  • 70k video views across platforms and 130+ comments
  • 113 attendees for a YouTube Live and 556 chat messages
  • Website traffic surge on promotion of the YouTube Live with 2.3k visitors at peak
  • YouTube click-through rate of 0.34% (+126% on KPI of 0.15%)
  • 2k social media and YouTube actions (clicks and landing page views).

This was further enhanced by:

  • 13 pieces of tier-one trade coverage
  • 259 media competition entries with Heating, Ventilation & Plumbing (HVP) magazine.

70kVideo Views