Our Work

Social Commerce


The Challenge

To make social media a top 10 referrer for Lovehoney, a giant of an e-commerce business. Sounds simple, but, as an adult brand, Lovehoney cannot easily advertise on any of the major platforms.

The business wanted a global social media strategy that could be implemented internally. It needed to focus on English speaking countries (chiefly the UK, USA, Canada and Australia) but have the flexibility to extend into other countries, in line with business performance and needs.

The Idea

We devised a social commerce strategy for the business that moved it from a last click attribution model, to an ‘attribution window’ one instead.

We immediately implemented Facebook global location structure and then worked on a social media plan that included, among other things, a clearly defined global channel and content strategy, a community management protocol, crisis management procedure, paid media approach (using permitted formats), and advice on driving reach organically. This included influencer marketing on a global scale.

The Results

  • We provided the business with a 10-step plan for making social a top 10 referrer
  • Within weeks, social media was in the top 10, coming in at number nine
  • On Black Friday (just weeks later), social media was the number one traffic referrer for the business