Our Work

Food and Drink's Most Powerful Ingredient

Spirax Sarco

The Challenge

To raise awareness of Spirax Sarco’s clean steam capabilities in food processing applications, specifically the importance of the impact of using unfiltered plant steam on food quality.

The Idea

We recognised an immediate need to educate the food processing sector on the importance of clean steam by highlighting the legal, quality and regulatory violations that many food manufacturers risk every day when using plant steam in their food production processes.

A white paper sat at the heart of the content marketing campaign with social media used to target relevant stakeholders.

The Results

  • All told, we delivered 8,354 social media impressions and 25 pieces of media coverage
  • This drove 1,070 (+7%) unique visitors to the campaign landing page, against a target of 1,000
  • We secured 275 (+175%) downloads of the white paper with contact details, against a target of 100
  • Crucially, the campaign delivered multiple high quality sales leads, including some of the most well-known FMCG brands.

8ksocial media impressions