Our Work

Just Another Manic Mumday

Toby Carvery

The Challenge

To promote the idea of a midweek Toby Carvery as a healthy, stress-free evening option for busy mums juggling piano lessons with playdates, and ballet dancing with Brownies.

More specifically, we were tasked with devising a campaign that would empathise with parents and drive coverage across mainstream media, while also engaging with the parenting blogging community.

The Idea

If we were to get mum out of the kitchen, we had to convince her that she not only needed a night off the cooking, she deserved it too.

And so, we set out to uncover just how many hours a typical woman is on-the-go for, and how long it takes to prepare the evening meal alone. Our subsequent research showed that the average mum is on the move by 6.42am, and doesn’t get to sit still again until 8.07pm. We packaged our research up under the banner theme of ‘Just Another Manic Mumday’ and worked with Tots100 blogger and BrummyMummyof2, to bring our findings to life.

The Results

  • All told, five national publications carried our Manic Mumday findings, with the top title for the Toby audience, The Mirror, tweeting a link to the piece at bang on 8:07
  • ‘Femail’ on Mail Online also gave the piece a sizeable write up, using fully-branded video content from Brummy Mummyof2
  • BrummyMummyof2 herself secured 2,300 organic video views on her owned channels, while native video advertising from Toby on Facebook drove a further 28,000 video views and a 6.76% view rate
  • 20 parenting bloggers also took up our challenge to ‘take the night off’, with 100% of all earned coverage including the all-important call-to-action ‘visit a Toby Carvery for a healthy midweek meal’
  • As a result of all of the above, by the end of the campaign, midweek meal sales across the carvery’s 180 strong restaurant portfolio, were up by 8%