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Fit for Duty

Alfa Laval


To raise awareness of Alfa Laval’s Service Centre capabilities among process engineers, plant managers and production managers.

The campaign needed to focus on a specific product group – gasketed plate heat exchangers – and convert awareness into direct brand engagement.


In a two-phase approach, we first flipped the market’s ‘run-to-failure’ dynamic on its head, by amplifying the risks associated with downtime and presenting Alfa Laval’s service package as a preventative solution capable of delivering tangible ROI.

A strategic content marketing campaign centred around a content-rich whitepaper, hosted on a gated landing page to offer marketing longevity, and shared through PR, animated social ads and direct InMails.

With the report driving significant online interest, phase two addressed the challenges that lockdown restrictions were placing on customer visits. A ‘behind the scenes’ documentary followed the Service Centre Supervisor around the site, engaging potential customers through a virtual experience. Three product-specific versions, on PHEs, HSS, decanters, were amplified through targeted social and YouTube seeding to increase reach.


Within weeks, we had delivered:

  • Over 130 downloads of the Fit For Duty report
  • 13 pieces of coverage in tier 1 trade publications
  • 10,399 visits to the landing page (+205% on KPI)
  • 6,419 InMail opens (+256% on KPI)

Phase two continued to smash targets with:

  • 121,279 video views on YouTube (+143% on KPI), 23,669 on Facebook (+294% on KPI), and 9,477 on LinkedIn (+57% on KPI)

121KVideo Views