Our Work

The Big Return


The Challenge

To grow awareness of BHSF’s services to the HR industry.

We were tasked with creating a campaign to highlight how BHSF can help businesses tackle a growing health and mental wellbeing crisis, ultimately generating new business leads for the sales team.

The Idea

One of the biggest challenges facing the HR industry has been was managing the post-pandemic office return. While some workers felt the benefits of working from home, we suspected others – particularly the younger generation – felt they were falling behind as a result of isolated working.

To explore the issue, we surveyed 2,000 UK’s workers to discover how they felt about returning to the office, and how the last 18 months had impacted their career progression.

The results, which we analysed in an in-depth white paper, reflected both excitement and worry, highlighting the need for a balanced approach when managing the needs of each employee.

In addition to a press launch, we developed lead generation ads to complement the campaign, focusing specifically on those responsible for HR.

The Results

Overall, we delivered:

  • 16 pieces of coverage, including analysis on LBC and GB News (vs KPI of 15)
  • 71% backlink rate (vs KPI of 70%)
  • 250 report downloads (vs KPI of 80)
  • 84 lead generation form completions (vs KPI of 50)

The LinkedIn campaign also generated:

  • 74,642 impressions
  • 678 clicks to the landing page
  • £2.95 average cost per click
  • 2.77% engagement rate