Our Work

Elf Yourself a Very Merry Christmas


The Challenge

To devise a low cost, organic social media mechanic to drive engagement with Dunelm in the critical Christmas trading period.

The Idea

With Facebook giving priority to ‘Live’ videos in people’s newsfeeds, (and very few brands doing Facebook Live well), we saw this channel as a key opportunity to break through the Christmas clutter.

To capture the imagination of the viewer, we created a stop motion video, with ‘Dunelves’ recreating scenes from famous festive movies – incorporating as much Dunelm product as possible. Viewers could guess the film for the chance to win a £50 gift card.

The Results

  • With absolutely no media spend, we reached a staggering 146,749 people on social
  • In the 30 minutes the video aired, 8,410 people engaged with us – guessing the name of the film and commenting on the creative
  • This gave us an exceptional organic engagement rate of over 6%, with an overwhelmingly positive sentiment
  • The top audience was also a perfect match for the Dunelm consumer, women aged 35-44