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The Sky(Line)'s the Limit

Electrolux Professional

20K Video Views

31 pieces of press coverage


To launch Electrolux Professional’s new SkyLine combi oven – its biggest product unveiling in a decade – to the UK foodservice market.

The UK combi ovens market has long been dominated by a single brand, with many chefs seemingly reluctant to venture out of their comfort zone, and sceptical of ‘being sold to’.


We recognised a need to swim against the tide and generate cut-through for SkyLine’s genuine USPs over the established market leader. To do so, we framed the dialogue around tangible human-centred design benefits, rather than operational ‘statistics’, and spoke to chefs in their preferred sphere: online.

We devised a four-phase highly-targeted paid social campaign running across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – with each activity given a clear KPI ranging from video views, through to engagements, site visits and, ultimately, sales enquiry form completions.

As well as a regular drip-feed of content to key trade media outlets, the activity was bolstered by a concurrent two-phase GDN display campaign, which targeted searches around competitor reliability issues, and remarketed to previous site visitors.


Within weeks, the campaign had achieved:

  • 185 completed sales enquiry forms, with a quote value of £100,000
    • Cost-per-lead: £10.81 (against a starting list price of £3-10k depending on size)
  • 1,579 clicks to the SkyLine landing page
  • 20,495 video views
  • 31 pieces of online / offline press coverage