Our Work

Independent But Insecure?



To generate brand awareness among independent schools – a market dominated by established competitors.


With cyber crime increasingly making headline news, we proposed that we identify the growing number of cyber security risks faced by independent schools, and the large number of schools potentially exposed by not having any cyber insurance cover in place at all.

The findings would form the basis of a white paper, with expert analysis from leading figures across the education, cyber security and legal sectors.


  • Our subsequent report identified that:
    • 61% of independent schools in the UK have experienced a cyber attack within the last five years
    • Fewer than 40% of those surveyed considered themselves a target for cyber criminals (with just 1% admitting to feeling ‘highly vulnerable’)
    • Just 38% of schools monitor their cyber security policy at least once a month
  • All told the campaign delivered nine cuttings, with visibility in all key independent education media – including a double page spread in the Bursar’s Review, the primary title for the campaign’s target market