Our Work

Conversion is King

Greene King

The Challenge

To deliver a social media campaign for Greene King that had a clear effect on footfall at pubs nationwide. The activity had to support two marketing drives – promoting Christmas bookings throughout December and then a ‘£10 off when you spend £25’ offer in early January.

The Idea

To prove the effect of social on visitor numbers, we set up and ran two offline footfall-driving campaigns – buying ads on a conversion basis and uploading WiFi data to offline event sets. We matched the in-pub data to Facebook ad data (email addresses that were used to login) to give us a robust idea of the campaign conversion rate.

To ensure we weren’t cannibalising the existing market, we targeted new audiences only, using CRM data to exclude current guests.

We also used a video creative to ensure posts stood out on cluttered newsfeeds. The ads directed guests through to the ‘book now’ page for Christmas and to the ‘find a pub’ page for the ‘£10 off £25 campaign’ (the pixel only fired when a guest searched for a pub).

The Results

  • Across the two campaigns, we delivered a 4% footfall conversion rate (guests who saw an ad, went on to visit a pub and logged on to WiFi using the email address linked to their Facebook account)
  • Taking the brand’s average spend per head, we were able to show an incredible £21 : 5 return on advertising spend (ROAS)