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Highways Drainage: The Route to Surface Water Management



13,840 video views


To showcase ACO’s expertise to the highways industry, demonstrating both its specialist products and design services.

Specifically, we were challenged to encourage a niche target audience to download ACO’s new report.


We knew that a significant issue for ACO was the extent to which drainage is an afterthought. So, we needed to illustrate why it should be considered an integral element of any highways project.

To inform our campaign, we surveyed 100 infrastructure and highways engineers, determining inconsistencies with installing drainage systems, and potential barriers to sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). The results showed a clear knowledge gap, offering the perfect opportunity to use insight to promote ACO’s expertise and knowledge.

We devised an integrated PR and social media strategy to position ACO’s report in front of the right people. In the awareness phase, we used video to capture the attention of highways engineers, allowing us to build a retargeting list. Then, through a combination of the recently launched LinkedIn document and traffic ads, we put the report in front of the audience, encouraging downloads.


The campaign exceeded targets:

  • In total, we secured 90 downloads (vs KPI of 30)
  • 38 forms were filled in directly on LinkedIn
  • The majority of leads came from the primary target audience – key engineering consultancies
  • 13,840 video views (vs KPI of 10,000)
  • 11 pieces of trade coverage (vs KPI of 6)
  • 82% backlink rate (vs KPI of 70%)
  • 1,140 unique page views in a 3-month period

1,140unique page views


CIPR PRide Awards Gold Construction, Property or Infrastructure Campaign