Office Depot: Workplace Wipeout

The Challenge

To generate interest in Office Depot’s range of cleaning and hygiene products among a diverse potential market of facilities managers, procurement executives and contract cleaning managers.

The Idea

We knew that for Office Depot to generate interest in its range of cleaning and hygiene products, we needed to create a risk factor around dirty offices and the resulting unhealthy, unproductive, or absent staff.

We surveyed office workers to quantify the looming threat of widespread illness on UK businesses. Our survey found a number of staggering statistics, which were collated into an animated infographic we then targeted senior decision-makers with, using a combination of trade media, LinkedIn, email, and PPC.

By linking these oversights with business performance, we were able to encourage corporates to request a free audit of their own practices from Office Depot.

The Results

The campaign achieved:

  • 10 pieces of media coverage
  • 79,611 audience reach
  • 9,445 video views
  • 7,956 unique views of campaign landing page
  • 20 clicks through to the cleaning and hygiene audit request form