Our Work

Powering Up PPC

Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions

558% increased lead volume

16% increase in click-through rate

The Challenge

To help Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions (IRTS) generate more high-quality digital sales leads at a time when interest in sustainable transport and fuel transfer solutions is on the rise.

We knew PPC was delivering some leads for the business’s portfolio but,  following a detailed account and strategy review, we were sure we could revitalise IRTS’s PPC to seize market opportunity and significantly impact its bottom line.

The Idea

We took a phased approach to enhancing the sophistication of the PPC delivery, comprising:

  1. Making copy much more relevant to the user by targeting specific keywords with specific ads.
  2. Controlling negative keywords to increase efficiency of spend.
  3. Placing greater emphasis on phrase and exact match keywords to reduce reliance on broad match keywords alone.

Initially applying this framework to one brand within the IRTS portfolio in the UK and Ireland, we were then able to replicate th­­­­e winning strategy and structure in other markets with significant growth potential. At the same time, dynamic search ads were brought into play to further enhance lead generation via PPC.

Lead generating PPC activity is now up and running for two global brands across 100 different countries.

The Results

Over a six-month period, we delivered:

  • 16% increase in click-through rate (CTR)
  • 11% increase in conversion rate (CVR)
  • 8% reduction in average cost-per-lead (CPL)
  • 558% increase in PPC lead volume compared to the same previous period

11%increase in conversion rate