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Protect and Pivot

Robert Welch


To help Robert Welch pivot its business strategy after the Covid-19 pandemic forced the closure of shops nationwide.

Already an e-commerce brand, WPR had to help the business generate more online sales – either through its own website or through its retail partners. Delivering a strong return on ad spend (ROAS) was critical, as was driving incremental sales.


Following a review of the brand’s performance on the Amazon e-commerce channel, we identified an opportunity to reach audiences who were showing interest in Robert Welch products but were not converting.

Believing the brand had the potential to increase conversion rates among warm consumers, we implemented an Amazon dynamic retargeting strategy, serving display ads to those who had either viewed a Robert Welch product or added an item to their basket but not checked out.


The activity surpassed all expectations:

  • By the end of its first month, the campaign had delivered a ROAS of £2.95 on hero products (products advertised in the dynamic ads) and a ROAS of £13.66 when halo products were included (additional Robert Welch items).
  • The activity peaked in August when we were seeing ROAS running at an unbelievable £21.95.
  • By the end of the five-month campaign, we had secured an average monthly ROAS of more than £10 and driven an incredible 1,277 incremental sales.