Our Work

Beamin Brand Launch


The Challenge

To design and animate video content for Beamin, the personal, digital accountancy hub for delivery drivers.

Crucially, this would be the first content users would see when they downloaded the app, so it needed to convey important messages, both about the app’s ease of use, and the brand’s ability to boost drivers’ earnings.

The Idea

We had to make a complex topic – the flat rate VAT scheme, managing taxes and handling money – easy to follow in an engaging two-minute video.

So, we opted for a minimalist visual style, enhanced by a succinct voiceover. Seamless transitions and motion from one scene to the next saved valuable seconds and kept the momentum flowing.

We used complementary colours and hierarchy of text to focus attention on the scenes displaying money and potential savings – the key messages the audience was looking for.

Emphasising simplicity, we showed a hand demonstrating the app’s use, and added sound effects, such as the ‘cash register’, to signal that money has been saved or earned.

The Results

The video worked so well in the app, that we were asked to produce a website friendly version to sit on the brand’s landing page. It was also translated into five languages to ensure its accessibility across target markets.