Our Work


Fujifilm UK


To encourage millennials to upload photographs to Printlife, a user-generated picture exhibition hosted by world-renowned photography giant Fujifilm.


Upon reviewing early entries, it quickly became clear to us that pride, passion and protest characterise millennials, with hardly a selfie in sight.

This presented a clear opportunity for Fujifilm to use Printlife to challenge misconceptions around the so-called ‘snowflake generation’.

So, we developed a compelling, picture-led story for the national media – “A tale of authenticity, vulnerability and protest: is the millennial generation the most empowered yet?”

To further drive interest among the target audience, we recruited five macro-influencers who both shared the brand’s values and had a highly engaged follower base.


  • Our picture story landed us three national features – one each in Metro, Huff Post and Evening Standard, resulting in six social shares across the titles
  • 100% of the coverage also included our campaign key message, a brand mention, a backlink and a quote
  • Combined, our influencers helped us to reach 287,000 people, achieving nearly 6,500 post engagements between them
  • More than 11,000 people ultimately submitted entries to Printlife, making it one of the most successful exhibitions in the brand’s history