Our Work

Future Homes Standard


93% share of voice

30% increase in technical enquiries

The Challenge

To raise awareness of REHAU’s ability to meet the Future Homes Standard (FHS) which aims to ensure homes built from 2025 produce 75-80% less carbon emissions.

Specifically, WPR was tasked with positioning the brand as a supportive supplier to the commercial fenestration and housing industries, able to troubleshoot any technical queries regarding the legislation.

The Idea

We carried out research to explore how decision makers working in housebuilding, local authorities, housing associations and social housing were preparing for FHS.

Then we turned our findings into an insightful report which offered analysis and solutions in response to the fact that more than two-thirds of those surveyed were not prepared and 79% thought it would be ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ challenging to meet the timelines. Through an integrated campaign employing media relations, paid and organic social tactics, we positioned REHAU as thought leaders and trusted experts.

The Results

The campaign delivered:

  • 304 report downloads (target 120)
  • 51 media hits
  • 100% in tier one media
  • 45% online coverage backlink inclusion
  • 1,006,597 impressions (75% cheaper than LinkedIn benchmark)
  • 2,715 link clicks (23% cheaper than LinkedIn benchmark)
  • 114,906 3 second video views (60k KPI)
  • 22,290 15 second views (15k KPI)
  • 13,881 total organic impressions (+11% KPI)
  • 413 total organic engagements

Crucially, we secured 93% share of voice for REHAU during the campaign period and the company saw a 30% increase in technical enquiries relating to FHS

100%tier one coverage