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How Do You Meat Yours?

Hungry Horse

The Challenge

To build awareness of five limited-edition burgers over the summer months, and drive guest acquisition for Hungry Horse – the home of big value family favourites.

Increasing engagement on social was key – meaning likes, comments, shares, video views and other interactions.

The Idea

A team brainstorm quickly turned into a lively debate about the best way to tackle today’s big burger offerings – do you courteously use cutlery, simply squash and savour, dismantle and devour, or pensively move the plate around, pondering your scoffing strategy?

And so, “How Do You Meat Yours?” was born – a paid and organic social media campaign, with a high production value video at its heart, supplemented with engaging social content and an interactive quiz, all focusing on the different ways people munch their meat in a bun.

The Results

  • Thanks to the compelling creative, the cost per view (CPV) came in at 70% below the KPI
  • All told, we delivered 349,857 15-second video views, across Facebook and Instagram
  • This resulted in:
    • 1,392 post reactions
    • 140 post shares
    • 7.7k quiz interactions

349,857Video Views