Our Work

Let the Light In


1,627 consumer leads

46 pieces of coverage


To launch REHAU, already a leading light in the trade, to the consumer market.

Specifically, WPR was engaged with driving consumer demand via REHAU Connect, a sophisticated online ordering system simplifying the supply chain by connecting consumers with their local REHAU installer.


Our research identified strong potential in targeting house-proud Generation X, so we set to work creating an integrated campaign that would reach consumers at every stage of their journey from awareness to advocacy.

With 50% of workers doing so from home, often in poorly lit spaces, we surveyed 2,000 homeowners to explore the link between natural light and productivity, creativity and wellbeing. Using the findings as a hook for media relations, we supported our activity with a robust social media strategy which included influencer partnerships and had user-generated content at its heart.

A highly efficient Google display campaign targeted people actively searching for windows and installers, and we made sure REHAU appeared everywhere the consumer looked by implementing effective SEO strategies.


The integrated campaign surpassed expectations:

  • 1,627 consumer leads (KPI 500)
  • 46 pieces of coverage (KPI 36) across national, home and lifestyle press
  • 60% tier-one media (KPI 40%)
  • 7 million combined paid social reach (KPI 2.2 million)
  • 22,579 website clicks through paid search, exceeding KPI by 464%
  • 7% YOY increase of homeowner brochure downloads
  • Search visibility 20% above competitors across 110 tracked keywords in Q4

60%tier-one media


PRCA Dare Integrated Award